The owners of Gulf Coast Leads have been in the Online Lead Generation industry for over a decade. With the launch of GCL in January 2014 we expanded on the knowledge and experience each member carried to venture in to new opportunities. From top ownership and on to all participating staff, Gulf Coast Leads continually develops working partnerships with companies of all sizes relevant to the mutual benefit of all entities involved. We have become a brand name that both Affiliates and Direct Buyers can rely on for assistance in constructing working and profitable strategies using effective inventory sales chains.

All of our ping tree sales software have been written and maintained in house making it highly customizable technology. With an emphasis not only on a constant expansion of our technical capabilities but also adhering to the interests and ideas of our customers, we plan to progress and grow with no limits on the long term road ahead. Gulf Coast Leads makes every attempt to participate in active trade organizations that focus on best practices and compliant operations suitable to consumers and marketers alike. As we put forth our best efforts to remain competitive in the marketplace our main emphasis is to learn and adapt to consumer and industry trends, indexes and forecasts. Keep us in mind for your company’s new ventures as we can explore a cohesion that works in an order like an extension of your own internal strategy.


Information Security / Technology

Our technology infrastructure is hosted by Rackspace in a managed dedicated environment. Rackspace provides us with architecture reviews, infrastructure recommendations, security audits, and 24/7 monitoring. All of our servers are located in a secure dedicated facility behind a hardware load balancers and hardware firewalls. Rackspace undergoes security and architecture review with us regularly and routinely patches our servers with the latest software and security updates. All servers are security compliant at a minimum to the standards of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

How We Protect Data

We encrypt all sensitive information (including but not limited to bank account information, social security numbers, etc.) stored in our database. Encryption is secured using the Advanced Encryption Standard / Rijndael-256 cipher, Cipher Block Chaining (CBC), and a salted authentication key. The database server storing sensitive information is not forward facing towards the web and connects only to our other servers on a LAN. Methods to encrypt and decrypt database information are isolated on separate processing servers, so the isolated database information would be useless without the decryption methods and keys.

SSL Security

All websites operated by Gulf Coast Leads, including posted data, lead generation sites, reporting interfaces, back-end monitoring are all encrypted with SSL security. All posts made from Gulf Coast Leads to third-party providers are similarly done exclusively via SSL.